Submit a Grant Application

A. Use this link to start a new application.

B. Use this link to view or edit an application in progress.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey is taking a brief pause in accepting new applications to allow time for strategic planning. As a result we are significantly limiting the applications we can consider in our upcoming 2Q 2023 grant cycle. For applications sent by the February 16, 2023 deadline, we will only consider renewal requests for existing HFNJ-funded projects, and Presidential grant requests.  Requests for new, non-emergency projects will not be considered until the May 25, 2023 deadline and 3Q 2023 grant cycle.  Please reach out to Kevin McManemin, our Grants Administrator, at (973)921-1210 ext. 1101 or, with any questions about your eligibility for funding.


When you start a new application, you will be directed to choose one of our application forms. The forms include:

  1. Requests for initial funding for a project (download form);
  2. Requests for renewal of a project previously funded by HFNJ (download form);
  3. Requests for funding in the amount less than $25,000 (Presidential Grant Request);
  4. Requests in response to a specific HFNJ Request for Proposals.

You may work on your proposal online, saving what you have completed and going back to it at a later date/time. No materials, however, should be submitted to the Foundation until ALL of the required information and attachments have been provided.

Please note that you should only post plain, unformatted text into the online application portal. Using HTML tags, bolding, or bullet points will hinder the clarity and readability of your application.

Be sure to thoroughly read our Grant Guidelines page for specific details on our submission deadlines and tips on successful applications.

If you have any questions about submitting your proposal, please contact the Grants Administrator, Kevin McManemin, at or call (973) 921-1210 ext. 1101. If you do not receive an acknowledgment of your proposal within five business days, please contact our offices to verify that your submission has been received.


Each year the Foundation considers a limited number of proposals for funding of less than $25,000.  Such proposals are considered on a rolling basis.  Every proposal must adhere to HFNJ’s Grant Guidelines and be submitted online as indicated above.  Grants considered in this limited, fast-track pool are generally awarded as one-time support and not considered for renewal.  They should address urgent circumstances and/or be time sensitive, or fund limited-time initiatives.  Proposals that request HFNJ support for projects larger in scope will most likely be declined.  Please call Michael Schmidt, Executive Director/CEO, if you have any questions before submitting a Presidential Grant proposal.


The Logic Model and Budget documents provided below must be completed and uploaded as part of your application:

For your convenience, you may download the below Word versions of the New Request and Renewal applications, to see what information you will need to supply.  Please note, however, that these documents should NOT be submitted with your application, and all submissions should be made via the online portal.