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  • Integrated Pediatric Primary Care Initiative for 2016

    HFNJ recently awarded five grants totaling $828,032 to improve the delivery of healthcare to vulnerable, underserved children in Newark, NJ.  The grants, which the Foundation hopes will serve as models of care delivery for children across the country, all involve the integration of behavioral/mental health c... Read More

  • HFNJ Veteran’s Mental Health Initiative

    Transitioning into civilian life can present our nation’s veterans with myriad challenges. Many veterans do successfully reintegrate into civilian life. Some, however, face significant mental health problems related to their service, family stress caused by multiple deployments, and financial and employment... Read More

  • HFNJ ACA Education, Outreach & Enrollment Initiative

    Facilitating access to healthcare for the most underserved, vulnerable people in greater Newark is a cornerstone of HFNJ’s mission, and moving people from the rolls of the uninsured to that of the insured is a crucial first step to helping them access that care. When the Affordable Care Act was passed and t... Read More

  • HFNJ Hospital-Acquired Delirium Initiative

    Although often undiagnosed and untreated, delirium is a common, serious, and potentially preventable condition that is generally understood to be sudden disorientation and mental confusion that develops in hospitalized patients.  Delirium can result in shortened attention span and fluctuating levels of consc... Read More