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About the Process

Required reports are typically due after six months of project activities (Interim Report) and after the conclusion of the grant project (Final Report). Depending on the timeline of your project and at the discretion of your Program Officer, Progress Reports may also be required at different times.

Report Components

Interim and Final reports both consist of three components:

Narrative Summary

The narrative should provide details beyond your Logic Model about your accomplishments and challenges to date. In the case of the Interim Report, the narrative must include an explanation of how you envision moving forward for the remainder of the grant year. The Final Report narrative must include an explanation of future plans for the project.

Interim Report Narrative Summary Final Report Narrative Summary

Project Evaluation Chart

Grantees must submit an updated Project Evaluation Chart/Logic Model. Use the Foundation-approved version of the Logic Model that was included with your grant contract, and update the “Outcomes” column with information on your project’s progress to date.

 Financial Report

Grantees must submit an updated budget detailing what expenditures have been incurred to date. Be sure to use the final Foundation approved version of your budget as a basis for this report.

Interim/Final Report Budget Form in Excel format

Contact Grants and Community Outreach Manager Kevin McManemin at and/or your Program Officer if you have any questions.

Budget Modification Request

Please consult with your Program Officer in advance if you plan to request a budget modification. Use the form below to create your request. All budget modifications MUST be approved by the Foundation.

Budget Modification Form