Staff & Trustees


Board Of Trustees

Gary O. Aidekman
Marsha I. Atkind,
   Executive Director, ex officio
Candy Blau
Lester Bornstein
Elizabeth Cohen
Nancy Cohen
Toby Fanburg
Michael Francis
Rebecca Gold
Monica Kaden
Steven Kamen, Esq.
Marion Medow
Deborah Rovner
David Saginaw, ex officio
Stephanie Sherman
Sue Wasserman

Officers Of The Board

Amy B. Schechner, Esq.

Honorary Chair:
Beth Levithan, Ph.D.

Vice Chairs:
Sharon Falkin
Amy Reisen Freundlich
Natalie Peck
Donald B. Rosenthal
Ellen Wagenberg, M.B.A.

Marvin Wertheimer, C.P.A.

Assistant Treasurer:

Jay Blumenfeld


Howard Menaker

Assistant Secretary:

Carol Marcus, Esq.

Human Resources Officer:

Gary M. Beinhaker

Chairman Emeritus

Lester Z. Lieberman, P.E.*

Active Emeritus Trustee

Steven Gross, Esq.

Emeritus Trustees

Richard Amster, Esq.*
Sheldon Feinberg, Esq.*
Harold E. Grotta, Esq.*
George J. Grumbach*
Herbert M. Iris*
Sima K. Jelin*
Lionel M. Levey*
Jerome S. Lieb*
Cecil Lichtman*
Julian Reichman*
Selma Rosen*
Alan Sagner*
Stanley R. Sommer*



The staff at The Healthcare Foundation will guide you through the application approval and reporting processes. For questions, please contact the Healthcare Foundation of NJ at 973-921-1210, or your program officer directly at the email address provided below.

Marsha I. Atkind

Executive Director/CEO

Stefano Musolino, Jr., CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Lisa Block, M.P.A

Senior Program Officer

Marcy Felsenfeld, M.P.A.

Senior Program Officer

Walter K. Maier

Grants Administrator/Evaluator

Brenda Early

Executive Assistant

Last modified: September 16, 2020